Ramon Allones

Ramon Allones

Year of foundation: 1845
Tobacco Country: Cuba
Tobacco Procedence: Vuelta Abajo
Factory: Partagas

There actually was a Ramon Allones, who developed this brand way back in 1837.
Originally from Spain, Allones (owner of the La Eminencia factory) was reportedly the first to employ bright, lithographed labels on his boxes, to help set his brand apart.
Prior to nationalization, this lighter-bodied brand was owned by Cifuentes, Pego y Cia., also the owners of Partagas.

These may not be the best known of the Havana brands, but they are among the most respected by connoisseurs, consistently ranking at the top of the medium priced Cuban cigar range. 

Rolled in the Partagas factory, which specializes in full-bodied cigars, these cigars will not disappoint those looking for complex, deep flavors.
Characteristics of the brand include lovely dark wrappers, excellent construction, perfect burning qualities, a rich flavor and wonderful aroma.
For these reasons Ramón Allones vitoles are a firm after-dinner favorite, and for those with a good humidor, these cigars age beautifully.

Ramón Allones is a current pre-revolution brand, established between 1837 and 1845.
It is classed by Habanos SA as a Local brand, and has a minor market share.

The range comprises full strength cigars, using tobacco from the premium Vuelta Abajo region.

Current production consists of three handmade cigars.
Special releases commenced in 1999 with the inclusion of Ramón Allones cigars in the Siglo XXI Humidor.
Since 2005 there have been further special releases.


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